Private Residence

Honorable Mention 2016


The 800 square meters penthouse is the result of a total renovation of the 22nd floor of a building in downtown Moscow, characterized by a large terrace with an hanging garden.

The layout of the apartment is built around a perspective axis: a symmetrical atrium leads to a bright and panoramic glass-walls lounge with the focus on the historic skyscraper of Moscow State University.

Mario Mazzer Architects firm has designed an interior decor with pure lines using refined materials. The tones are mostly dark but warm, with calibrated “color” touches that create an elegant and cozy atmosphere. The floors are made of solid walnut Canaletto wood. Walls are paneled with full-grain leather finishing, marble and walnut Canaletto wood.

The decor is totally custom-made, and the few series products are from historical design companies (B&B Italy, Flexform, Cassina, Vitra and Riva1920).

Great importance has been given to the lighting system: bright veils with indirect light sources inside the false ceiling and lamps with a great decorative value (Ingo Maurer, Louis Poulsen, Showy, Jack Dyson) for the spot lighting.